Quadrille Club

Quadrille Club, started in 1984, is essentially a venue for the enjoyment of 19th century dance in a social setting.  It is not an intensive teaching class. At each meeting some time is spent on basic steps and figures but the length of this time is varied to suit the technical ability of those present. There is no fixed membership and although there is a core of regular attenders, newcomers are always welcome. We are pleased that our programme appeals to many nationalities and we have had regular attenders from Scotland, Norway, Poland, France and Czech Republic. These, together with our English dancers, give us a regular attendance of about 30-40.

In recent years, a team of Quadrille Club dancers has performed at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, the Royal Albert Hall, the Austen family home of Chawton House, at Ham House, the Wallace Collection, for the Jane Austen Society and for television.  Quadrille Club dancers have also gone on to become teachers and performers of 19th century dancing in their own right.

There is no age limitation BUT these dances are very lively and a set of quadrilles may require one to be continuously active for 15 minutes at a time.  You will also be expected to attempt the correct steps of the period and at no time is walking the figures allowed!!

As from the beginning of this year, Quadrille Club no longer meets monthly at Cecil Sharp House, but only quarterly – in March, June, September and December.  Each meeting will be devoted mainly to quadrilles of special interest and on 16th June we will be dancing to quadrille music composed by Sir Edward Elgar for the band he led at the Worcester City Lunatic Asylum in 1879.

Quadrille Club meets from 10.30 to 16.30 with a lunch break of about an hour.

Admission: £20       EFDSS members £18

The Club usually meets at: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London NW1 7AY
Near Camden Town (Northern line) Station. but always check this website for any changes.