A progressive dance ,shown here performed by members of Quadrille Club at `Dance Around The World’ Cecil Sharp House London, 2014

Passacaglia from Venus & Adonis danced by Moira Goff

The Victoria Quadrille danced at Normansfield Theatre, Twickenham

A solo minuet for a lady Circa 1725. Danced here by Moira Goff , A Baroque Dance teacher and performer for The Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society.

Paine’s First Set Quadrille danced by members of Quadrille Club The fourth quadrille `Trenis’ has been omited to reduce the length to the limit set by YouTube.

Quadrille Club Dancing at the Prince Regent’s `At Home’ at The Royal Pavilion, Brighton on 17.06.2011
Excerpts from the programme,

This video was intended as an introduction to Regency quadrille dancing for new members of Quadrille Club thus at one point in the first quadrille the ladies make a circle in the centre of the set instead of the more difficult `Cage’ of the original instructions.

Intended as an introduction to Regency quadrilles for new members of Quadrille Club, the steps used in the Grand Chain have been simplified by leaving out the `Ballotes’ called for in the original instructions. Dance and clothes are circa 1816.

Part of;- a) The Waltz Cotillion, b) Foursome Strathspey & Reel, c) The Prince Imperial Quadrille.
As danced at the Richmond (England) Ball.

Quadrille Club dancing a half version of the Czech quadrille, BESEDA.

Quadrille Club Anniversary Quadrille as performed at The Richmond Ball 2009.